7 ideas that I would love for v2

Hi. I’m new to this forum, so if I’m doing this wrong, let me know - thanks.

So I was an active Vine member and uploader on Vine from the start. Here are some things I think would benefit v2 from my experience with Vine. A lot of these have probably been mentioned before, and/or are already on other social media platforms.

I know, starting this on a negative, but hear me out. When an artist takes a creative leap and shows their audience something completely new, they want to know what the reception was like - and the ability to look at a like-dislike ratio is an efficient and quick way to see that. A platform can still be positive with the ability to dislike.

Kind of self-explanatory. The ability for the content creator to view profile views, average views, viewer locations, etc would be great.

Another self-explanatory one. The ability to pin one post to the top.

The ability to create private playlists of content so you don’t have to scroll down your likes to find that one funny video you want to show your friend

A store where you can purchase V-tokens which can be used to tip content. The tokens can be withdrawn as a revenue source for creators. 60% to v2 and 40% to the creator

I hated this. Almost instantly after this update, my feed was full of content I didn’t care for because of people paying for revines. The ability to hide revines was good, but not a lot of people knew about it.

Occasional featured page
I remember every now and then there would be a feature page of the best vines from a specific genre. That was a cool feature.

I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions on these.



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Interesting but why would “reposts” not be allowed?

I really like these! Especially the playlists!

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I really like the “like-dislike ratio” idea because a video or vine that has many views doesn’t mean people like it, a negative video can also have many views. A like-dislike ratio can also help the creators know which content was good and which was bad.
The problem is that there’s always gonna be haters that dislike videos for no reason :confused:


I like the idea of V-Tokens

And so there will be people that will like for no reason just that they like you, it evens out if you’re a decent human :slight_smile:

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I see where he is coming from, I hated it too because it desolves the content to more feeds instead of people going to follow + more random stuff on your feed.

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I’m not completely against the idea of reposting, I just think it was easily manipulated in its old form. Once you had one big account, you could grow ten more by making a repost circle, which oversaturated the market.

Reposts can be good as a one off to share content you genuinely believe in, but with the ability to make Playlists of your favorite content for your followers to see, (or not see if you would rather make them private) Reposts wouldn’t be needed.


Thank you!

I really love the Idea of V-tokens. I like how it’s a way to have in-app purchases but in no way affect the app if u couldn’t. Hope this makes it!

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Makes sense. Although a repost feature would help spread videos from other creators and make everyone more discoverable.

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  • the v-token is really good in theory but i feel like it’d be extremely exploitable considering how awful some people are that only care about the money and not actually making decent content

  • i agree with the repost feature section to some extent. i believe there should still be one, but there should also be 1. a loose limit to how many you can do in a certain time frame and 2. an obvious option to not see reposted videos

Isn’t the Like/Dislike thing something that’s going to be in the app?

Firstly Welcome to the forum familyyyyy!!
Secondly this ideas are amazing im really into it, and Why did you hate the repost thing? Why it wouldn’t be allowed in v2?

I’m fine with having a repost feature and the ability to keep it hidden

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Yeah, I agree. Public playlists could be an alternative to reposting, but I understand that they function completely differently. Limiting would be a good idea, too.

Thank you!

In theory, reposts were great - it can be a great way for large creators to give smaller creators a boost, but it was instantly manipulated.

  • People selling reposts - which basically meant the more money you had, the bigger you would grow.

  • People oversaturating the market - I remember people who owned more than 10 accounts with over 100,000 followers, literally just because they paid for revines on one account, and then used that account to revine their other accounts. this made it a lot harder for genuine content creators to grow.

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Great Idea. I think all this should be implemented.

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