60fps videos and Byte


60 FPS video compression seems to be kinda wack (and you can kinda see it in 30 FPS too)

60 FPS video: https://byte.co/@lcx/66VLXJLPzKo (you can see a gradual degradation in quality, and when it loops, its suddenly good again. it’s like the compression is a ramp going down rather than consistent)

30 FPS video: https://byte.co/@lacieyl/bpKsDiQBAB (the above observation is there but way less noticeable)

I was hoping to actually publish these videos in 60 FPS, but my 60 FPS versions look horrible :sob:

Also, they loop perfectly in the app, but doesn’t loop on the web app (I’ve left 3 and 6 frames off the start and end respectively to perfectly loop them in the app).

Further, the previews that are generated also have that black screen because of the missing frames.

My main concern is the noticeable quality drop over time. Am I doing something wrong? I’m uploading at like a high bit-rate and resolution, though at the end of the day it doesn’t matter since it’ll get compressed. Should I be uploading at 720p instead so that compression doesn’t have to occur? Or will it anyway?



This is really interesting. I want to know more