60fps Uploads?

Will V2 support 60fps uploads or just 30fps, as a sports editor we use 60fps a lot for the smoothness in our edits. Just Was curious!


Good question… change your topic to General Discussion so it’s in the right spot!

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changed category to general discussion

nice name btw :wink:


Thanks, not too bad yourself

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The large community of Anime and TV show editors would also appreciate 60fps capabilities.


It might take a while for it to be supported, since unlike last time when Vine had access to twitter’s massive servers right from the start, this time its sort of a Steve Jobs Apple-in-garage type deal (or so I assume) so their servers might not be able to handle the 60fps right away

Great. That is a Good question and we need to talk about that in ‘General Discussion’ Topic > Click here to view general discussion board.

I can’t beleive I hadn’t brought this up myself! :eyes: I edit in 60fps so when Vine started supporting it, that was sick asf. rooting for this feature!

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One million times yes! My phone shoots in 60 fps so that would be sweet. 30 fps looks so weird now.


Hope so lol

your right, posts will look nicer and smoother in 60fps

I would love 60 fps, it’s smooth like butter

i hope so, as a pro gamer i now cant watch anything thats not 60 FPS, anything below 60, i throw up all over my $34012 NASA sized gaming PC. I cant watch films anymore because they are all at a DISGUSTINGLY LOW 24 FPS! How has Hollywood not caught up to modern gaming standards? Horrible! Anyways I’m gonna play PUBG now, but i might throw up because the Frame rate is so bad, even tho I play at low!

I wouldn’t want it, it would take to long to load

I hope so, many editors like me are looking foward to post content on 60fps on byte. I hope @dom considers it.