6 seconds?

Are they still going to be just 6 seconds?

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I hope so but I’m also thinking they want to do something slightly different from the original to make it new and fresh.


According to this Tweet, the 6 second time limit should stay… for now.


It should it would be good

make it 7 seconds


Six seconds will stay with the vines posted on @dhof’s Twitter.

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While I agree 6 seconds is about the attention kids have these days and it would make you think hard what to do. It’s possible 15 seconds is the new norm

6 seconds seems perfect, but so many times I wished I had 8 seconds.

I think it could be cool to have 2 options. Maybe 6 seconds and something like a minute. Then on your feed, you can filter if you want to see all videos, or only 6 second or minute clips.

dom said in another thread that they would be 6 seconds. for now, anyway

On one of his tweets, I think it said that you could record up to 6.5 seconds, but only 6 seconds would be visible to viewers. Don’t quote me though :slight_smile:

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I know he probably wants ■■■■■■■■ to feel new and fresh by changing things, but I don’t need that. 6 seconds was perfect and led us to get creative. I would be really disappointed if that changed.

vine=6seconds. it doesn’t change

Here is a good post on this topic;

I have not seen any post from @dom on this subject, but if this changes I will update this post.

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