6 second video download

I’ve mentioned this before but I just want to bump it I guess.

I think having the option to download the video to just play once instead of looping should be added. Instead of trimming out the video, it could just save as a 6.5 seconds (or less) video. This would allow for an easier time to make byte compilations which could help the app gain more attention.

Also being able to download from shared link onto desktiop should also be considered because it makes it easier for people who might edit compilations on their computers.

Man I’m on fire with these ideas lol


I believe that one of the reasons that it saves with the Byte video replaying 3 times is for those that have the perfect loops. I think that it makes it so you can see it as if you were seeing it in the app with someone typically replaying the Byte three times to fully see what’s happening in it.


It really doesn’t sound like much of a priority tbh. There’s so many other things to do… and anyone making a compilation is already using some editing software. It’s not worth the added feature for something so few people would use and that it’s so easy to edit tbh


Yeah thats why i said there should be the option of saving it to not loop, so you can chose whether or not you want the looped or non looped.


There’s a lot of people making compilations and yeah you can just edit it out but its really annoying to do it. Compilations are key to get more attention to byte the same way it did with tiktok

Yeah, compilations are key, but:
A) it’s seriously easy to do man. I adit all my videos, cutting a clip down takes 2 seconds.
B) at this point I’m not putting my money on compilations since I’ve only seen 2 so far that weren’t dissapointing and actually bad publicity (in my honest opinion)

I’m sure its easy to do but those 2 seconds add up when you’re doing a lot of videos.

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When the tiktok cringe compilations started coming up, thats when a lot of people started giving it a chance. Content is key here. If you show people the type of content that gets posted its sure to attract more people.

It’s something they’ve thought about. I made a post on this in bug reports in like October and have been just trimming things manually for instagram and twitter since then.


Yeah I remember your comment, just wanted to bring it up to their crosshairs just in case. It would be a convenient feature to have.

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i think it’s a nice quality-of-life feature that should be considered. i will say that there are other features that need to be added and ironed-out that should take priority, but that doesn’t mean things like this should be ignored completely.


Yeah, not saying it needs to be a priority, just something for the team to consider.


I agree with this idea as well. Even if it’s not “hard to fix yourself”, it is annoying as time goes by.



I’d love for this to be an option as well. Something big in Byte right now is collabs and expanding on other’s loops. It would be easier to get a perfect loop than guessing where to trim it when you’re doing music.

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