6.5 seconds 🙏

Hey guysss I just wanna state some of my thoughts on why I think Byte should go back to 6.5 seconds. A “6.5 second video looping app” is what made Byte unique (edit: maybe not necessarily unique as a few pointed out that it’s what made vine unique but it definitely made it “stand out” from the other video platforms). Without that, I believe it’s just a step closer to becoming another tik tok. I get that longer videos might be the “new wave” and that an additional 1.5 seconds isn’t that big of a deal but it ruins the whole marketing strategy byte had which was “hey, come look at this 6.5 second looping app” then people are like “6.5? That’s like vine!” But now that scenario is basically ruined. Considering the already lack of marketing there is with the app, I just don’t believe this was a smart move, at least now. If the app added more unique features to distinguish themselves from tik tok, then it wouldn’t have been a big deal. Your can compare lots of bytes features with tik tok features like beats can be compared to sounds, your mix can be compared to the fyp, both vertical videos, and the list goes on. We need more features to distinguish this app from tik tok before completely trashing the marketing that was put in place. I just feel like adding more time to bytes defeats the whole purpose of what makes the app unique. No disrespect to the team as I am still in love with the app!!! I just think this may not have been the best idea at the time.


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I like both 6.5 and 8 seconds, and support 10 x 6 second Bytes as well.

The root is Vine, and a lot of people come to Byte because they miss Vine, but I feel like we have to let Vine RIP and continue our path into new adventures.

6.5 is good for Comedy because of punchlines, but very limited for other categories such as Cooking, Painting, and many more.

The majority of Byters focus on Comedy, which is great because that’s what made Vine great, but what about Painters, Fitness Coaches, Scientists, and Teachers who want to tutorial stuff? Can Byte support educational and tutorial types? I believe yes, and if it can, then it will bring more people to the app.

If Byte only welcomes Comedians and Singer to the app, then it is very limited. If Byte can welcome Fitness Coaches, DIY coaches, Teachers, Scientists, and many other types of artists, then it will become a new Youtube, especially when monetization is involved.

I see Byte can become more than Vine, and in order to achieve that, Byte needs to support longer video format.


One thing I want to point out is that I dont think uniqueness is the right word/argument here. Uniqueness would be what makes this app different from similar apps. Had the app started off with 8 seconds or 7 seconds or 6 seconds from the very beginning, we would have said that 8 or 7 or 6 seconds is what makes it unique.

Short looping videos is what makes byte unique, not how many seconds the videos are

Although, I do agree that changing to 8 seconds is changing a big part of byte itself. Not opposed to the change because I want to see what other creative stuff comes from this, but then again, I cant speak for the people who use 6.5 seconds to make the perfect punchline, edit, loop, etc.


Yeah I understand thinking that extending the video length would make different variety of content more possible, but that’s what tik tok does and tbh my attention span is too short for that lol. I think anything more than 8 seconds would be a mistake


I’ll copy and paste what I said on the other forum

I would’ve been fine if the app itself was announced as 8sec for the limit because of “8-bit”. I understand 6 sec was a vine thing and byte wants something different and unique but a little similar. However, with that being said with this sudden change may have dragged byte mission/vision in an opposite direction.

Many aren’t a fan of 8 sec and it’s optional to upload the full max time but I find it pointless. This apply for 15 sec or 1 min limitation. Of course, we can go below that if we want to. But, this defeats the purpose of the limiting the time.

Also, I saw a different forum asking for more sec. (this is what I am afraid of later - long-term wise). As the grows and new members join the community many will ask for more sec and mores; if more forward with adding more sec, we will eventually become something like TIKTOK and the app will struggle to grow (why use byte when the limit is the same as the rest?:cry:)


Yes!! I agree like if it was marketed initially as an 8 second video looping app, I would have been fine with that but like you said, this was really sudden. And also like u said, I think once people enjoy the feel of having more time, they aren’t going to stop asking for more seconds and they’ll want to experience a longer video looping app aka tik tok and move there unless there are lots of unique features on this app that wouldn’t make them want to move over which, I know this is really early but I don’t see a whole lot of those features right now. It’s also concerning seeing the amount of byters that have been more active on tik tok the past few weeks than on Byte. Sorry for a tangent but I think if the team wants retention, than we need to actually keep the app the way that it is and the way that it was marketed!


I second this. 6.5 is what makes byte unique.


I’m not sure if the common person wants 6.5 seconds anymore. Even 8 seconds may be too little. I would not be surprised if Byte evolves to allow longer videos in the future. I’m not saying I want or don’t want that. I just wouldn’t be surprised.


I just feel like length is not the problem, what will make Byte unique is the kind of creativity. What types of creativity work on Byte?

I think Byte needs to evolve and allow longer videos eventually, which will ultimately make it compete with Youtube, not Tik Tok.


And that, imo, may be a problem on the future. If they continue to increase the amount of seconds in a video, how would Byte even be able to compete with other video looping apps? It barely can compete now and I feel like increasing the time wouldn’t help


I got a couple things to say:

First off, I would have to disagree about timing. I wouldn’t say that maybe this was the best time to extend it to 8 seconds, but it definitely wouldn’t be the worst time. The absolute worst time would have been when the app had a lot of attention.
Right now byte is in a lull. It gained a lot of attention at its release BECAUSE of its ties to Vine. Now, before it gets popular again thanks to the Partner Program is a good time to make any major additions/changes so that when the app returns to popularity, it’s got something new to offer.
If they made the change when the app had so many active users, the backlash would have been IMMENSE, possibly even making headlines. That would have seriously hurt the app’s reputation.

Second off, byte isn’t Vine. The 6.5-seconds was to market it as the successor of Vine; if they had stuck with 8 seconds initially, people would have written it off as a TikTok wannabe. However, now that byte’s reputation has been established, it needs to move past Vine’s shadow. Some steps it’s taken to do that are the Partner Program, the community forums, featured hashtags, limited time categories, and more.

Third off, please forgive me if I sound rude, but 6.5 seconds is what made Vine unique, NOT byte. What has made byte unique are its new additions and improvements, not what it has copied from Vine.
At the same time though, add more than 8 seconds and now you have another TikTok wannabe.

And while marketing it as Vine’s successor was great in the beginning (and I speak as a business major), companies must be willing to change.
Remember Blockbuster? They went out of business because they didn’t change when the world was moving from renting home video to streaming online video.
The same thing may happen to byte if it’s not willing to change.


I agree but I really think this should have been done when there were more unique features on the app cuz people are going to compare which app has the better tools to work with

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Why use Byte when we have Shorts (Youtube), Lasso (Facebook), Reels (Instagram), or Resso (ByteDance) coming out soon. It’ll be hard for Byte to compete and to stand out from the rest…


Monetization is the key, I believe. If people can make money, then whatever the platform is, they will come to the app.

A lot of people do not like how Youtube operates, but they use it anyway, why? because they can make money.


Agreed! However, only 100 people will be in this pool and then the next pool of new people will be even further down the line and it’s not like there are requirements you have to meet to get paid like on YouTube, but rather the team chooses who gets paid or not so if people only go on the app for the partner program but then don’t get in, some will probably get discouraged and leave the app. This is why we need more features that makes byte stand out from the rest like keeping it at 6.5 seconds for the mean time while the team develops more unique features to add to the app


True, and I was mainly using the Partner Program as an example. For all I know, there might not be another boost in popularity, byte might just have to work its way from the ground up.
Regardless, the app is in a lull attention-wise, so if any big changes need to be made, now is better than when it has a lot more attention.


I’ve gotten used to 6.5 seconds, I’m already happy with it. But tbh there have been times I had to completely trash an idea because it needed an extra second or two…


It’s the pilot version for now, so if the Partner Program goes successful, then I’m sure the team will figure out a way to make it more inclusive for everyone.

More features, definitely, Byte needs DM and some more features right now.

But, in the long run, it will have to break away from Vine and develop into something new. I think if everything goes successful, it will be an alternative to Youtube. Like I said, I like both 6.5 and 8, length does not matter for me, I was actually hoping for 10x6 Bytes, so we can bring cooks, fitness coaches, and other cool artists.


Monetization is key but IGTV and Facebook… and YouTube (Shorts) releasing one soon will probably be monetized. Sometimes everything isn’t about the money that comes later… as award for accomplishments/milestones.

I’ll say only way that byte stands out is the selection process/pool money and receive 100% of the profit.