/ 6.5 seconds ? new channel [vote]

i think 6.5 formatdeserves to have a channel.

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Only if it’s impossible to post in it if the video is that size or shorter


yes. that’s actually a good Idea

I’m glad that ppl actually think that this is a good idea! But, yeah I agree @Acadrien, I think it would nice if the byte team could update the Byte camera so you could control the time limit of your recording or put a 6.5s mark on the recording bar.

That way you wouldn’t struggle to guess if your video is fitting the 6.5s timeframe.

I was recommending this could be called the /vine channel since this is probably the closest thing to a vine that I could imagine, but I guess /6.5seconds could work? I honestly think more ppl would subscribe to it if it was considered the “Vine” channel than the “6.5second channel“, but I think both of these names could work…


I’m agains’t it being 6.5 seconds, but think it should be 8 seconds long, for the same reasons we discussed without end when THAT changed happened.

It could be called something related to “Byte” (I can’t think good names), it stays in brand, it’s the same energy, the same snappy-ness.


or have a /loop channel or /short video channel 6.5-8sec less :stuck_out_tongue:

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2 counter points.

It doesn’t discourage folks from doing their clout chase videos. It should have moderation. The lower time limit makes it a good place to farm loops.

I like posting quick vids but I’m having trouble distinguishing it from /funny, it just happens to be one that isn’t drawn out

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@LittleDewDroplets 8 seconds could be good as well. The reason why I think a short time limit channel would be nice is because, looking at how the time is increased all the way up to 16s now (and it’s probably going to go higher pretty soon) it’d be nice to have a space to welcome the quick straight-to-the-point videos for ppl that enjoy watching them and ppl that still enjoy creating them.

Maybe /8seconds could be the channel name?

@Beeshrine could you give some examples of how people would farm loops? I’m not quite sure what you mean, tbh. Whatever your reply to this is, I agree, I think it could be moderated.

The ppl that try to farm loops (which I really don’t think would be many tbh) will get dinged by moderation, so over time I feel like people wouldn’t do it as much if they know they can’t get away with it. Also, with the new algorithm that’s coming, any short video that isn’t good is probably not going to get views (likes) anyway.

The clout chasing to me happens regardless of the time limit, so even if the video is short, I honestly don’t think it’d be an issue, if the time is being abused in some way then I think that’s where it’s an issue.

What you mentioned is the reason why I think this channel would be good. Some ppl actually prefer to get their joke across quickly and can do it well, where some ppl need more time.

This will help to be welcoming to all different byte styles instead of making people that prefer making shorter videos feel like they no longer have a place on the app.

I get your points here. They are valid. View farming and clout chasing are everywhere but that doesn’t mean we can’t mitigate it, and when I say farm views I mean 6 second or less videos would be a great way for those clout accounts to post spam and get extra loops for their “thanks for 10000 loop” posts. They could use that already, but a channel like this might encourage it with some very random very spammy videos. But you are right, this does happen already regardless.

And you might be right about the channel promoting different content. I don’t know much outside my perspective but I don’t think a lot of people making comedy content know that generally faster = better. There is a science to it. In my mind I know I don’t need to and shouldn’t use all 16 seconds, but even shortening things down gets me to 9-12 seconds most of the time. I don’t know how this message or advice gets to others. It might just force people to make content that’s better without realizing it’s because it was crammed into a short loop and that is usually an improvement.

I worry how this would work with alttiktoks though. Their videos easily fit into small windows because they are basically screenshots of text. I’d hope they wouldn’t abuse the channel.


I’m definitely in favor of 6.5 seconds. That’s what Vine was and Byte was only 8.5 seconds for like 2 weeks lol. 6.5 makes more sense imo.

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I’ve seen people praise that byte is adding new channels for niche communities. There’s a Subway Surfer Community. If we’re all for bringing in more users, retaining different creators, and having small communities why can’t 6.5secs be a community?

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What about just /8 ?
Image for the channel could be an eight ball, and it’s short, like the point of the channel

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Yep :slight_smile:

Exactly @Beeshrine ! :slight_smile: I see posts like that being posted all the time and that’s what moderation is for. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how moderation goes, but I think the posts that say “I made it to 10,000 loops” if moderated should be moderated where they are just removed from the channel, not removed from the app altogether. We don’t want to become an app that’s censoring and blocking everyone’s videos when it’s not necessary like TikTok does sometimes. They could also somehow describe in the rules box not to make those types of videos in the channel or they’ll get removed, so that everyone has a fair warning.

Like I said, based on the new algorithm that’s being set up, the spammy videos are likely to not end up getting attention anyway because ppl aren’t going to like them.

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If the time limit on that channel was 6.5s, the channel name /vine to me would fit so perfectly! It’d be so awesome! If for legal issues or some random reason they can’t use that name, that’d be understandable as well. Maybe they could name it /6.5seconds or /6.5 with an animation of a watch or stopwatch or something?

But, like I said I’m honestly not opposed to either time limit (either 8s or 6.5s).

@JeremyTheGee if the time limit ended up being 8seconds, /8 could work. I’m honestly not sure about what this channel name should be tbh! lol Whatever the Byte team decides is fine by me. :slight_smile: