5555n/assf ultimately


Could anybody tell me what dom mean by this, is he saying the app going to be Release in 125 days just wanted to know lol???


A bit actually is .125 of a byte. May not be alluding to anything.


Nah, he said don’t read into his @replies. So he was just talking :slightly_smiling_face: hopefully we’ll get more info soon tho!


You could conspiracy theory all ya want but you’ll have to wait until official news that could mean anything but at the same time 125 days sounds about right tbh i think 200 days

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There are 8 bits in 1 byte. 1 divided by 8 is 0.125.

No offense, but when I saw the title I was genuinely excited, only to see that he was just converting a storage size unit. :sweat_smile:

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