5000 Loops, ZERO LIKES! WE DID IT!

Hey Creators!

Thank you!! I can’t believe this actually happened. I was just gonna try to see how people reacted but in LITERALLY TWO DAYS we made 5300 loops with not one like! If you’ve had any doubts about how amazing this community is, here is the proof. I OBVIOUSLY couldn’t have done it without you all (I can only loop my one stuff 20 times per day, so that would have taken me a while). Thank you, Byte community!

Original Post: We’re looking to get 5,000 loops with ZERO likes on this post. It’s a sign to the Byte community that has stuck around that we can accomplish things when we work together! Go watch and don’t like my post! Haha! The one like is a safety like that will be removed when we get to 5,000!! We’re almost to 2,000!!


Almost at 2000! 30 away!!

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Make that 2034!! Almost halfway!!

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2100!! Just like that!!!

2200!! Wow, fam!! Let’s GET IT!!

2300!! You guys!!! It’s happening!!!

2400!! Woke up to that!! Almost half way!!! This is insane!! Thank you!! We can do this!

2500!!! We’re halfway there!! Insanity.

2600!! The fun is literally not stopping…

2700!!! That round took like 30 min!! We’re heating up!!

2800 and we ain’t slow in’ down!!

2900!!! :eyes::eyes::speaking_head:

  1. This is getting ridiculous. Haha!! You guys are amazing!!
  1. Join the movement. Haha!!

3200! Haha!

3300!!! Literally gonna keep posting til we get there and everyone in the forums have made it happen! Haha!

3400! Let’s get it DUN.

3500!!! You all are amazing!!!

3600!!! Just 1400 to go!!

Make that 3700!! Let’s gooiiiooooooehhebb!!!