4K Video Support

I believe that 4K video support should be supported as well as YouTube connection support. Would do great! Maybe even a streaming link for YouTube connection!


I agree with the YouTube connection but the 4k video might be to much to load at once on a phone but the option to load different qualitys would be a good idea.


Please explain on the YouTube connection :confused:


finishes recording vine

other user watches vine

phone explodes

Maybe an option to change to 4k or a different kind of resolution? a lot of phones have 4k now.


Agreed. I want vines to load as quick as possible


Yeah, that’s the reason they are 6.5 seconds because longer videos caused longer loading times.

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i don’t think it should be connected to YouTube just yet. Let V2 build on itself for now, then worry about connecting everything later.

oh sweet nice idea

i think 4k is a good idea but youtube shouldn’t be allowed just because we don’t v2 to be swarmed by people who have a huge following, and then the new kids get shut out.


I think that 4K is too much as well

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Coming from someone who’s still high rolling with an iphone 5s, this conversation is very concerning.

4k is such a macho video quality, i’d personally be content with the generic 1080p.

Yes even with iphone X you can’t see 4K

I was meaning as support meaning that you could change the quality to 4K if desired.

I would love to take advantage of 4K


I like the idea of live streaming to Youtube, but I’ve heard they’re getting rid of the live streams eventually or at least charging for it if I’m correct