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I take pride in my work and my cousin and I are always upgrading to the new best thing for better optimum quality, as my video production teacher once said quality over quantity. I work hard to entertain others but I’m also a major geek when it comes too tech and quality and having the best looking YouTube video or Twitch stream, gotta have that crispy content.

I know a lot of people will want to be able to import content from their camera rolls as some of you probably have DSLR’s as do I but definitely we’re all going to be using that raw experience of just opening the app and using our phone’s camera. Phones are getting so advanced specially with the new Samsung S8, Pixel 2, and iPhone X. My iPhone can record in 4K it would be nice to upload in 4K like YouTube/Twitter so that other too can enjoy that 4K goodness.

What do you guys think? The smartphone is so powerful and getting more advanced every year.


I disagree tbh. Firstly social media sites save content to a cloud, which is large space wise, but still not infinite. Because of this, the social media sites normally compress the content down to some maximum size (for Instagram I think it’s about 5mb or something). Basically what I’m saying is even if you uploaded in 4k, it’s pretty much guaranteed to not be 4k when people watch it. It’ll be compressed far down to where the different in quality between 4k and 1280p will be pretty much unnoticeable.

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I see what you’re saying, Twitter lowers the quality of photos/videos you upload. Instagram I know works their magic to somehow make photos look as crispy as possible even if it’s not super high quality like 4K and maybe V2 can do something like that.


If you want a high quality video it’s more on your own because the wait time for the videos to load and not all of the people have high quality phones so then we Have to have a Auto quality from your data connection and then quality your phone supports

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Even so what I’m saying is that ‘crispiness’ is 1280p. So it’ll look equally as crispy when uploaded in 4k as when uploaded in 1280p

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Honestly, I think the point of V2 is simply to make content on your phone and make it funny or whatever people like doing. Having all sorts of pro gear won;t make it fun anymore.

Also, if you’re at school or just a public place, we could just use our phone instead of spending time editing and getting the ‘perfect’ shot. V2 is all about entertainment on the way, wherever you are, when, or with who. That is what makes it amazing!


Yes i agree if your phone has the ability to record in 4k the vine should either be 1080p,4k or close to 4k example iphone5-6+:1080p iphone7+ - iphoneX:4k


it would be nice to see 4k compatibility integrated in the future further down the line after the app comes out, but right now I’m pretty sure we’re getting either 1k or 2k to start with, which is crazy in itself because the only social media supporting that kind of video playback as far as I know is youtube, but I do like your idea


Even if the content is posted in 4k. It won’t be accessed quickly by every user. A 4k video takes time to load. Most of the small video platforms compress the video quality to reduce the time to load the content.

4k is a really high-resolution format that is pointless on a phone, and V2 is going to be a phone-based app and service like Vine was, probably. The file size for 4k is also larger and would require a lot more storage space for millions of them.


Interesting, hope when uploading, the quality does not deteriorate. Quality over quantity

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Most likely will be 1080 cause majority of people don’t have the latest and greatest piece of tech. But if you have a device capable of viewing and recording in 4k you should be able to do so on the app. It’s a Double edged sword

yoo thats right i think you should focus over quality at the end of the day thats what most of the peoples like

Well wich phone ( because we will all use v2 on our phones ) have 4K capibility, even iphone X doesn’t and is far from it

But it doesn’t really matter in the end because of in-app file compression, even uploading in 4k will still produce a video that looks like a lower resolution when viewed in the app.

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