32 second video

Oh definetly they need to improve the camera before adding more time, that’s the first thing they need to do tbh🤷🏻

I get that but for example, some people may want a longer time period to do a makeup look, or an edit, or a dance, you can do things with 16 seconds but it can sometimes be very limiting.

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100% busy lives

maybe byte isn’t for that, especially as other platforms already doing it! maybe byte is supposed to be different

It’s a video platform where the tagline is creativity first, if we drive people off the app because other social media platforms are doing it then what is the purpose🤷🏻 byte can be whatever you want it to be but at its core, it’s still a video app, and if people can’t make the videos they want to make they are going to move to other social media and that’s not good for retention.


but byte isn’t just comedy either. saying that it isn’t for that that is suggesting cutting out a whole bunch of amazing and talented people off of the app. if your driving people off of the app for that whats the point of the creativity first tagline

addressing both @Ricekrispies69 & @RodinBoi creativity first is indeed the tagline and seeing byte evolve is wonderful seeing new creators flourish etc nobody is pushing anybody off the app!
My point is creativity is using our imagination or original ideas to create something not Copy whatever other platforms are out there.

yeah but dancing, makeup, and edits are extremely creative and would fit in perfectly on byte.

Yes, but the other social media platforms aren’t creating the content, people on those are, Byte needs to differentiate itself and I get that, especially when TikTok is the standard for “short” video apps, but it can be different and still have a 32 or 60-second limit allowing people to be more “expressive”

Good but as Dom said;

so back to the drawing board i guess

were all entitled to our opinions 32 isn’t happening for the time being so there isn’t much point to this & i gotta get back to work, enjoy the rest of your day.

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I do think we should allow 0 second videos to be posted on byte along with 16 second videos so that way the kids can post the memes Floating on top of their heads and their blank soulless stares into their phones will make me feel less awkward


And here I am still uploading 7 second bytes.

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They can already do as little as 1.5 seconds, but I pretty much never see them that short even if they could be

Creative constraints

all power to you!

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I’m not surprised tbh, most of your bytes (except one) are random half-second recordings combined with each other with music. (generally it’s okay, do what you like, I’m just saying)

The last three are montages from 4K horizontal videos. I just want to make something short for Byte before I actually make a longer video for YouTube.