32 second video

Not if you try to make it more like TikTok :heart: You might as well use the better version of TikTok (The real TikTok) if you want 30 seconds. Or just go on YouTube or Vimeo. That’s just my opinion though.


Oh no! Some videos will be 16 seconds longer!! This is not the app that I love anymore! The whole app is TikTok now! Apart from the fact that some people want to show their talents and creativity on byte that require more than just 16 seconds!!! :sob: :sob: please dont hate, i love you all


agreed! are we not trying to pave or own way!? need a longer time use a different platform Jmo

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I don’t think we actually have 32 i think my byte messed up hon

Are music artists who want to make a name for themselves going to be on byte tho ?
tbh a lot of music creators on here I have followed since vine and they created with 6 so idk if 32 is actually needed ? wouldn’t they just use another platform ?

Byte does not need longer time… byte needs to figure out how to fix their camera and get unique filters so people don’t have to jump through hoops just to upload content. Figure that out and make decent content and then we can talk about extending times.




I agree with @RodinBoi, it’s still Byte :pray: :pray:. 32 seconds is still different from TT and even if it does end up going up to 60s (I prefer 32s tbh), I’m pretty sure that there are still ways that the Byte team will make Byte differ from TT. :blush: We just have to trust the process and know that the Byte team is only doing what they think is best :pray::blush::pray:

Byte is not at all the same byte I knew 9 months ago. It’s not even the same from 6 months ago. Or even 3 months ago. Byte is ever evolving and changing. Byte has the same logo but it’s NOT the same.

Byte team can do whatever the process they want but for the majority of us we don’t feel like it’s the same app we fell in love with. But it can be if they figure out a way to retain audience retention. With that I’d say give us better tools to do that with.


The byte team mentioned that they were going to increase the time in the future, so I’m hoping that you were just an early tester of this feature. I’m hoping that it wasn’t a bug lol

no hate

yeah but i like the people here and the community and the app design overall. like it’s just a simple time change. like stop being stuck in january. things change and like- it’s still byte. just let it grow and change. and it’s barely 9 months old. it was bound to change eventually. and this app literally wouldn’t have anyone at all if it was still 6 or 8 seconds. people need longer videos.

People are not gonna use the 32 seconds always, sometimes you just need more time :tired_face:

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I completely disagree with you. But that’s ok. We will agree to disagree.

I agree with you on the fact that Byte is constantly changing. Dom did mention a while back that this was going to happen though. I feel like a lot of these changes are happening mainly because back in January when Byte was released, Byte started off a lot like Vine, but the retention rate was really low. A lot of the changes that were implemented seemed to help as Dom recently announced that the retention rate was doing a lot better than it was a few months ago.

I also agree with onkel on the fact that we need a better camera. This was mentioned a few days ago and Dom mentioned that he knows that this is an issue. So I’m glad that the team has this in mind and are working on it.

On an honest note, I can’t predict the future, but if TT were to get banned next month, Triller is still an app that I worry about in terms of competition. I’m not a huge fan of the app tbh, but with the features that it offers and all the celebrities that are endorsing it, it makes the app really competitive. Hopefully the Byte team will be able to get some more updates in before then so they can have a chance against Triller next month. :pray:

we’re not testing 32 seconds right now. it looks like a bug. we’ll try it when the time is right (it’s not yet)


I am not totally opposed to 32 seconds. I think some people could do amazing stuff with 32 seconds. I am opposed however, to having my time wasted. The channels are currently littered with a lot of the same style content: static shot from the nose up, white text overhead, flashing led lights to a pop song. There are some people who like this kind of content, and that’s great. But I find it difficult to understand how someone needs 32 seconds for something like that, which can easily be achieved in 6 (or less.) And, wading through even longer versions of that kind of content on channels sounds like a total drag. I’m not even trying to disparage anybody’s form of expression, but I’m the kind of person who if I see somebody (even if I love them dearly) that has a way-too-long Instagram story, I just swipe past that shit. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Implementing a better camera and basic editing tools would make a switch to 32 seconds more palpable, and makes more sense.


We don’t want 32 seconds just to look at the camera and smile, we want up to 32 seconds because sometimes you want to do something but 16 seconds is not enough 🤷🏻 trust me not even on TikTok people stay if a text video is longer than 10 seconds, unless it’s an important message.

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Plenty of folks have zero issues staying 16 seconds and under.


Also, not totally opposed to 32, just to 32 without basic editing/better camera