32 second video

Hello byte team I think there maybe a slight glitch in the matrix!
this is a 32 second byte filmed on the byte camera it didn’t stop recording
Samsung S9 beta Android


thanks @dom


Anything you did differently with this compared to the others you posted? I assume they were done with the self timer and front facing cam, did you do anything particular like stop recording halfway through, delete clip and redo? I want to try recreate it.

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We want 2 hour bytes!!! I speak for a select few people but this 16 seconds is not even a fraction of the content we want!!! Or even 32 seconds!!! LOOOOONGER BYTES


I’m really surprised there’s not more discussion on this yet! It likely means 32 seconds is coming pretty soon.

I noticed no loading issue and seemingly the usual loop we’re fond of when Dom had posed that anything longer than 16 will not have the loop due to it causing loading issues. I REALLY hope this is a sign that 32 seconds will still have a nice hiccup-free loop :smiley:

I was happy with 8 lol


I used the timer & posted i didn’t know it was so long until Ryan told me

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could be a sign of things to come i guess.
Idk if I want a longer format tho tbh (I mean obviously I did there cause I kept talking lol)
But short is sweet no ?

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We started with 6.5 seconds and now we’re at 32 seconds!! Sweeeeet :sunglasses:

I want 8 seconds back sooooo bad


Haha yeah you obviously didn’t notice :joy: I was very anti time increases and don’t particularly want it and would also be happy with 8. There are times though when a piece of music I’m working on doesn’t fit for a byte and then I feel I wouldn’t mind a bit longer. I’ll take or leave anything at this point lol as long as there’s cool people and cool shit around I’m not fussed by updates and shit.

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8 seconds was a very very sweet spot but I hated 16 at first and, at least in my biased opinion, I’ve really learned and grown playing with 16 and managing my time and expanding my ideas. I think I can do a lot more and not waste my time with empty space.

I love 8 but I think the experience at 16 has made me better and I even have a format now that I’ve cut videos down from 30-40 seconds into 16 second bytes.

8 seconds is where most people have success I think and everything longer is a risk.

With all that said, very cool find @Pulcheronbyte. The idea that popped in my head at first was also that it meant more time might be an update that’s somewhere future and the code is already there. But that’s totally a speculation


boo 32


:100: agreed

I spend an awful long time watching bytes prolly more than I make, idk if I would find the time or have the inclination to watch longer than 16 seconds tbh
I love 8 too & like that I can expand if needed especially with my horror & would have to agree longer than that one may start to loose interest.
It seems some would be routing for it tho.

I think there’d be a learning curve. A lot of byters never made 16 seconds when it was released but felt compelled to use all the time. That meant jokes that they’d normally do in 6 seconds they were doing in 16 and it was terrible.

I use tiktok a lot though and people who have adapted to it can use the time and be very entertaining. But it’s very sad when you watch a full 30 second or 1 minute video and it’s not worth it.

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32 seconds :weary: I find my self needing more than 16 seconds when I’m making some posts and i just no :heart: sometimes I feel that 32 is necessary for a lot of people, it would also be more helpful for music artists who wanna make a name for them selves


I’m so excited for 32s! Mines still says 16. :frowning:

I never really spoke about the results of this poll that I conducted back in August again, but I think it’s important.

Based on my findings, the option that got the highest amount of votes was 16s (42% of the votes).

However, of the 89 people that participated, 58% of them chose an option that was greater than 16s.

I took the average of all the votes and I got 36.04s, so honestly, the Byte team choosing to go up to 32s is spot on with the poll. This option is a fair medium for those that want to increase the time, but also for those that want the time limit shorter.

I know that everything right now is experimental and can be changed, but I strongly support the move to 32 seconds. :pray:


RIP Byte :sob:


bye its still byte