30 seconds please

I need 30seconds now. My 2 part vids get watched backwards. Which is kinda hilarious. Also add Byte live so I can ask kids for byte coins


I don’t remember when they said, but they promised longer videos a long time ago. They’re just doing it slowly as they’re working on how to loop longer videos the same way they loop shorter videos.


I definitely agree to byte LIVE :grin:


Upcoming features on Byte will be livestream and 30 seconds.


Don’t play with my feelings like that


I would prefer having byte stories way more than byte live


I have to agree with a time increase (although if we’re following the whole bytes / bits units of measure it would be 32 seconds :grinning:). Let’s not kid ourselves; most people are using several of the social video app choices that are available, and Byte does have the shortest video duration (at least of the ones that I have used). Byte is and always will be my favorite and first choice, but I’d be lying if I said that it’s not a pain to trim my videos down to fit on Byte. Think of it from a business standpoint. Would you rather your app was the one that people made the videos for, and trimmed for other apps, or the other way around? This of course is merely my opinion, but I do think it makes sense. For an app to survive it does have to compete. And although Byte has so many other advantages over the competition, this is one that will certainly be noticed first by new users. And I just can’t see the ones that actually spend time on creating content with editing, filters, sounds, etc. coming to Byte only to find out that they have to dice the hell out of their creation. Sorry for the long winded post. Just wanted to share my thoughts.
PS. Since I’m forcing my opinion on everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just wanna add that I too would rather have Byte Stories. I would rather have a time period in which I can watch the entire video by my favorite creators, than possibly missing all or part of a live video because I was at work, or sleep, or just not in a place that I could watch the live feed.


they did make it longer, just from 8 seconds to 16