3 Tips to establish yourself as a brand on v2 and any other platform

So, @rickymontgomery pretty much explained the essence of growing on social media networks, but I’d like to follow up on it a bit with some of the tips I’ve collected from successful Youtubers and Instagram influencers who now have gotten to millions of followers on their accounts.

I have successfully applied knowledge I acquired in the projects I worked on and it really paid off.

> One who plans, plans success. One who doesn’t plan, plans failure

Ever heard of the famous actors, singers, dancers, etc. who were referred to as instant successes?

Yeah, and then you’d see a documentary about them and find out that it took them 5, 10, 15 years to become “instant success”?

It’s all about the planning. If you wanted to go on a trip, you would save money for it months ahead.
Similar can be applied to creating your videos.

Put all of your ideas on paper. Think about sketches, practice them. Ask someone for an unbiased opinion.
When app launches, you’ll be ready.

Perfect is good, but you cannot and will not always deliver perfect jokes and pefect videos to your followers, so let go off that. Think long-term. Good, but consistent content is far better than inconsistent, but perfect kind of it.

> Create SMART goals

S - specific
M - measurable
A - achievable
R - realistic
T - time-bounded

You want to hit 1000 followers.

Do you have enough content in mind? Is it enough time? Is there going to be enough people on V2 to watch it? When do you want to hit this goal? And no, ASAP is not a good answer.

Short-term smart goals will help you stay on track and give you a good idea where you’re headed at. Now, the app will probably grow inconsistently so you’ll have to adapt your goals according to trends but always set them.

> Divide the content on various social media networks

Now, you’ll probably want to grow out of the app itself and establish a following on other accounts as well for whatever the reason (more engagement, monetization, etc.)

Influencer I met highlighted this tip. She has successfully gotten 1.5 million followers on instagram, 500k on Facebook and 250K on Twitter.

The thing is, she was aware that her fans wouldn’t follow her on every account if she posted the same type of content everywhere.

She divided the content so there was something specific on each of her social media accounts that cannot be found on the other one.

For example, she would post giveaways only on Instagram, did live q&a only on Facebook, etc.

I listed only 3 tips now because I just got out of bed and I’m still lazy but if there’s interest, I’ll follow up with another post! :sweat_smile:


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Constancy and perseverance are the key to get succefull in everything :wink:


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Thank you so much for taking the time to make these steps and I’d love a follow up to this! @dom you should check this out and if possible paste it! It would be very helpful for people who are trying to make it big out there

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