24 of January 2021

First of all Happy New Year :confetti_ball: !!!
In a few days the app will be 1 year old.
I’m curious to see what will happen with the app. Any Guesses ?. Do you think they will change the app ?, Do you think that there will be New things on Byte ?. What is your opinion ?. I still believe in this app and I personally think that the app is going to change in a lot of ways as it is going to be an amazing app for everyone than already is. Hopefully the Byte team has something in store for us.


Dom face reveal


January 24/25th is my anniversary too!! :sparkling_heart::relaxed::sparkling_heart:


the app needs charli demaggio


Yeah :joy:

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Nice :clap:

Yeah she is a great Comedian.

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hey Bro I believe in this app, I been around the app but never had been in this space before. I know for a Fact that TikTok is better on this moment as also Instagram reels but Byte has a bigger opportunity as because of "Vine”. I believe on Byte and I know that Byte is going to go Crazy this year. Hopefully.
We need that vine energy Back :crazy_face::call_me_hand:.

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There is no way you actually are Juanpa Zaurita. NMs Wey tú no here’s Juanpa Zurita qué pedo :joy:.

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Si soy bro !!!

No lo here’s