24 Hours Byte Challenge

Hello everyone, sure seems kind of chaotic right now. I know I needed some time to properly absorb everything and then calm down.

So, I have been thinking about the addition of, not only lots of new people, but also plenty new channels. I want to issue a fun yet actually challenging challenge.

The #24hoursofbytes Challenge

I do not know if there had been something similar in the past, but here is what I am thinking:

For 24 consecutive hours, make a new (emphasis on make and new) byte every hour on the hour. Plus, every new byte should fit into a different channel (while also following the rules of that channel).

There are well over 24 channels so making a unique byte for each would be some creative fun. Of course it will also put up a challenge with needing to be awake for 24 hours to do, but if it was easy it would not be a challenge.

That being said, sleeping is vexing, so there can be leagues, too. Like 6/12/18/24 hour brackets. There can be plenty to play around with.

Anyways I just wanted to throw this idea out to whoever and see if there is any reaction at all.

I am going to start mine in the next day or two, so look forward to me!


I would tooootally be down for some event like this. Seems fun :DD

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I work, and I’m kind of like a …three trick pony.
I’d love to see others content, but between working 52 hours a week, 13 credit hours of school, and having to cook and look after my part of the house I live in-


It is understandably an unreasonable challenge.

I can literally only make time for it now, otherwise I would never have time/energy to do it. Once August hits I am pretty much in the same boat as you.

I find it awesome I’m here😁

Yeah… also someone who works + enjoys uninterrupted sleep. But it could be fun. A 12-hr challenge might be more broadly accessible.


school :pouting_cat:

Ngl to you this is kinda a great idea😳

I am starting the challenge myself tonight at 12am Hawai’i time. We will see how it goes, and if it was even worth the mistake of doing it.

i’m in, been basically doing this already anyways

Yeah I have seen a lot of people posting bytes what seems like non-stop. So, I thought how do I get people to do that, but spread out throughout the day while also taking advantage of the new channel options. Then I arrived at the madness.

I officially started my own #24hoursofbytes challenge, so follow along with me and see what I come up with!


Well I did it everyone, I spent the last 24 hours making a new byte for each hour! I extend the challenge to anyone else for either #6hoursofbytes #12hoursofbytes #18hoursofbytes or #24hoursofbytes

You can find all 24 of my bytes on my Byte page or under the #24hoursofbytes

Now, I am really tired…goodnight!