[21+ Only!] (American Law) What's your favorite alcohol?

So, I have been scrolling through the forums while sipping on Svedka (Not my favorite) and I’m wondering what’s everyone’s favorite alcohol? I’d like it if you all would list both liquor and beer that way we don’t have duplicate topics. If you don’t like liquor and like beer or don’t like beer and like liquor that’s fine you may list that below. Mods if you feel this is not an inappropriate topic please let me know! I’m not trying to go against rules on this site. Now that we got that clear lets get lit…

Favorite Liquor: Elijah Craig (Whiskey) and 1738 (Cognac)
Favorite Beer: It’s a toss up between Budweiser and Guinness

If it ain’t Henny, it’s not worth a penny

I like ciroc and Mexican Line Tequilla! Amsterdam is good too!

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Lmao! Me and my girl laughed at that Henny comment. Henny and Ciroc is good!
Tequila however I have a bad relationship with. :joy: Makes me cringe.

I don’t know why but whenever I see a grey bottle I just have a weird taste of this lemon laxative I used to drink.

And that henny line I made it up on spot :joy::joy::joy:

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Please sell that line to the one and only Henny themselves!

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Maybe get a few bottles back :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you do get some better give some to me! :joy:

Jack Daniels’s or Jäger

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I cant wait until I turn 21 and have my first sip of alcohol as a legal citizen


Only 19 but I’m in college so what do people expect. My favorite alcoholic drinks are either Smirnoff Ice or Strongbow hard ciders. I can’t stand beer (don’t worry I get called a pussy a lot) or hard liquor so I have to drink fruity drinks to make up for it. Maybe I’m weird :frowning:


i’m not a big drinker anymore lmfao. i, too, have a bad relationship with tequila lmfao, can’t be trusted :joy:
for liquor, i can always dig remy martin but i always start my nights out with a stella unless where i’m at has cervesas de los muertos :ok_hand:

Sailor Jerry

I do not drink anymore, but I liked beer and wine. :slight_smile:

Svedka is the worst… my favorite is Jameson for liquor and as for beer, it’s gotta be Yuengling

Budweiser or JD and coke

I can’t wait to turn 21 and have my first sip of alcohol as a law-following citizen

Blooooody Mary :wink:

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Virgin Pina Colada’s mainly because I don’t drink. I sometimes forget that I am legal to drink and feel like a criminal when I look at the alcoholic drinks.

Patriotism and guns

I don’t drink much anymore but oh boy do I love Blanton’s bourbon. Three fingers and one ice cube please.