2 Rebyted by lines

Hey so idk if anyone else has seen this too but I see two lines of ‘rebyted by’ on my feed- I guess you guys are testing a new one but I see both. oopsies.


I think that’s cuz on the your mix page, stuff from spotlight gets on there and has the tag “spotlight rebyted” over the caption and I guess if you follow spotlight, it’ll also show “rebyted by spotlight”

I think that one line is meant for current rebyte and one for if you did.
Like one you rebyte it, the bottom one stays constant I think.

Ohhh yeah im not 100% sure

It’s not just when spotlight rebates it’s 2 lines if anyone rebytes.

This is happening in my following feed tho I don’t use ‘your mix’

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But if thats the case- I didn’t rebyte any of the videos on my feed that I see with this issue. its always “kaden rebyted” and above “rebyted by kaden”

Just another example of how it looks- saw these three in a row on my feed- its just a little distracting because it takes up so much space

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I have noticed this as well

Onkel Chrispy noticed this as well


this should be fixed now!


Its still the same :sob: maybe the fix only went out to certain phone first?

edit: its fixed now :slight_smile: