2/3 People Wanted for a collab

So ive been doing this therapist patient bit for a little while now. And wanted to work with someone(s) who are interested in making a similar video. I can give you further information about the project if you’re interested in participating.


I’m definitely interested! I have been looking to expand a little and do a few collabs myself just throw me what you got on ig, twitter or whichever u like. All my handles are the same as my forum name but my twitter is @jacobshadominer.

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Hi, I’m interested in learning more about this collab. Both my byte and Instagram are: @darcykjackson

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Are you still working on this? I’m up for it

I’m interested If the spot is still open

i’d be interested. message me on here and i’ll give you my email. sorry that i don’t have any other socials. my byte username is @andyhough