18-inch Waist w/Corset...WHY?!?!

I want some real opinions on this. Now, from my wife working in healthcare, I know this isn’t healthy. But I’ve realized that this is common trend and I’m trying to find out why. This mom of 3, got her waist down to a mere 18 inches from wearing a corset 23 hours out a 24-hour day. I just hate when people are already beautiful (man or woman) and don’t see it and go extreme lengths to get a certain look. What are your thoughts on this? I want genuine answers. WHY

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That’s not okay! on a medical level that can eventually displace and crush your organs. All you’re doing is compressing the fat. If your appearance becomes a major issue then I would fix it naturally not by crushing my insides :frowning:

that definitely isn’t healthy but i think it just stems from people simply envisioning themselves a certain way. i think we all have a personal preference as to how we want to look and i think it is 100% okay as long as it is something genuine to ourselves (not an idea based on an outside preference like society) and it isn’t affecting our health!

an unnatural 18 inch definitely affects one’s health. i think the smallest (documented) natural waist is 20 inches but i’m not certain.

i think the micro waist desire stems from truly wanting an hourglass figure. it’s just the extreme of the spectrum! some people want the hourglass figure but their extreme is almost opposite by greatly enhancing their bottoms and breasts which can ultimately give a similar extreme hourglass appearance. neither are necessarily healthy as they both (can) have adverse affects on the spine but i can understand the attraction to it

now when it comes to cosmetic surgery and body modifications, while we may think people are beautiful the way they are, it truly doesn’t matter if they do not think that. that’s why 10 people can call a girl beautiful and she won’t believe but the minute one person calls her ugly, she will solely because that’s already what she believes. to me, i’m all about doing whatever will make you happy (as long as it won’t affect your health) because it’s your life and it would be unfair to keep you from doing something that would make you confident because I see you a certain way, if that makes sense.

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This isn’t healthy. Along with physical health issues, you are going to want to keep striving to be accepted. Not healthy, either mentally or physically.

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This is not only insane, but it’s not flattering either? Wtf. Guess I’ll give it an old fashion try and turn my guts into mashed potatoes. Wicked gnarly. lol


Our goal in life is not to be a literal hourglass bottle, try to harm ourselves for beauty and to be seen as beautiful by some people who think that being a real-life Barbie and injecting chemicals into our body to make places bigger is “goals”.

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Man, that makes you very bad and it looks horrible. I do not understand how some models like to hurt themselves in that way


Oh my god. This is making me so uncomfortable …

shes gonna break in half

my future in is medicine, and i’m studying pre-med so i can firmly say that this is extremely unhealthy.

when i read about it the first time, i kind of didn’t think over the 18 inch thing, and now that i see it it’s pretty disturbing.

firstly, it isn’t recommended to wear a corset/waist trainer more than 3 hours a day, and she wears it for 23. further, she’s had ribs removed, making her all the more susceptible to piercing a lung or her heart.

if she gets into an accident the risk of her dying is so much higher, because your ribs are mean’t to hold up your torso and protect the cardiopulmonary system and chest cavity in your body.

i know her plastic surgeon’s probably allowed this, but i recommend she see an orthopedic specialist. this could affect her in her older age, especially if her family has a history of porous bones developing as they age.


My wife is a nurse in critical care and this really concerns her because she sees things like this daily, most times, worse because she works in PCU/ICU. I just don’t understand how people think this is attractive. It’s risking your health just to look a certain way. She looked just wonderful before all that.

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She looked so much better before

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