16 second bytes, day 2

Just saw it :blush: so good!


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Tested the 16 second loop twice on Android. I did on loop that was 15.3 seconds, and another at 16 seconds. My first video, which was 15.3 seconds long, failed to upload on the first try. The application clips a few frames from the beginning, similar to the traditional Byte on Android a few versions back. Although my title frames were chopped, I was pleased with the general output:

The frame slider is unforgiving at 16 seconds. Any frame shift causes stutters and freezes in the playback. It also clips the last few frames:

I’m going to run a few more diagnostic Bytes tomorrow to see how it performs at 9, 10, and 13 seconds. I’m also going to see how sense footage videos run on it. I’ll post my results then!


I’m not completely shutting down the idea of it yet, but I’m personally not a fan of the 16 seconds so far. I totally see the value for musicians and some other categories with the extra time, and I’m just speaking from a comedian’s perspective.

The statement I keep seeing come up is that “you can make it less than 16 seconds if you want to.” This doesn’t really work for me, for multiple reasons. Aside from the fact that I’ve had a couple comments saying “excited for the longer version” from my last few posts (although maybe it’s just because 16 seconds is topical), I believe there is a certain kind of snappy energy that exists within 8 seconds that has no reason to exist anymore with a 16 second time limit. I know that sounds kind of dramatic, but as a comparison, it feels like working to post 8 second videos on YouTube. Why would you? 16 seconds isn’t a “limit” anymore to me. ”Seeing what you can do” in 16 seconds doesn’t apply as much because it’s not a challenging restriction. I filmed three bytes today and I’m not saying they’re not funny, but it is a very different vibe. There is a sort of unique viewer experience that comes from watching a Byte and knowing that it’s going to end somewhere between 1 and 8 seconds, and not 1 and 16.

I’ve been doing sketch comedy for years and I like making longer form sketches, but I think what makes Byte so unique and appealing is that it IS so short. I was talking with lukej about this. When we tell people about Byte, often their first question is “how is it different from TikTok?”

This might be a big eye-roll to the people that’ve heard it so many times, but: “byte is a unit of digital information that most commonly consists of eight bits.” C’mooon.


C’MOOOOON :joy::joy:

idk if anybody’s gonna see this (i don’t rly post much on the forums haha), but kevin mostly hit everything that i’m feeling. my biggest concern, however, is that i want what’s best for byte.

from what i can tell, the byte team has 2 main goals:
make the perfect app & house the best creative community.

while there’s lots of work to be done, try and imagine that these goals are achieved. say byte is smooooth like budda, and every byte that you see leaves you impressed. even in this magical place, if the bytes are as long as videos from other platforms, then nothing makes byte different enough for consumers to want it.

vine had two qualities: they were short and square. while byte is not vine, and i’m definitely aware of that, it is still meant to be its successor, and it’s meant to be different than other apps. if byte is to become a success, it needs to stand out from the other platforms. again, like kevin, i don’t see 16 seconds as the end of the world, and i’m not COMPLETELY against it… but! there still needs to be something very different about byte that makes it stand out, and i think that an 8 second limit might just be that. :green_heart:


if byte’s identity is “8 second videos” then we have a huge problem

…so currently we have a huge problem :stuck_out_tongue:

more on this in the future because our entire team is working on addressing it, but i think you hit the nail on the head. byte is having a small identity crisis and without a solid answer to “what is byte?”, it’s natural to latch onto the differentiators that typically wouldn’t be a big deal (like duration)

my view on 16 is that it opens up more possibilities for certain genres, especially genres outside of comedy (although it sometimes works for that too), which i personally like because byte isn’t a comedy app. but we haven’t really done a good job of communicating what kind of app byte is or what it’s for at all, so the time limit seems essential


I’ve been feeling these. I know it doesn’t sound like much coming from me, since I already made several posts against 16seconds before the test even started, but the app feels different, and not in a better way (for me).

I liked that even if I wasn’t engaged with a Byte at 8 seconds, I either skipped it almost immediately, or the thought of skipping never even crossed my mind. Why would I? It’s just 4 more seconds, even if it’s mediocre or even kinda bad, I’ll see it through.

With the 16s in place I feel less drawn to opening Byte, because now when I’m not engaged with a byte immediately part of my brain is not even on the content, but on asking “Oh god I wonder if this is a long one. Should I skip? Maybe it gets better soon. But I feel like I know where it’s going.”
I had no time to think or question before. But now I do, and my mind immediately goes there


I personally made a 16 second byte and here was the result:

As a person who enjoys using both Byte and Tiktok every day, I definitely struggled with coming up with content as long as 16 seconds without giving a vibe similar to TikTok. Having an option to produce a slightly longer video is nice as wiggle room, but it can be very tough to keep your audience around due to their short attention span. I’ve also noticed there are less views/loops to 16 second long bytes.

Similar to what Dom said, I know some categories would like the 16 seconds more than others. For example, comedy may not need that extra 8 seconds because most people prefer to get straight to the point. On the other hand, those 16 seconds may be helpful to those in the Voices, Music, and Dancing category! I definitely enjoyed seeing slightly longer versions of these categories :blush:


While currently yes our “identity” is being 8 seconds, I would also say that watching a byte just feels unique to any other platform. What an app’s “identity” is, is not related to the fact that if I watch an 8s comedy byte and a 20s comedy TikTok, they just feel different, and the shorter, compressed, snappy byte is inherently better in most cases.

This of course only applies to comedyyyyyyy.


I’m still 100% loving the ability to post 16 seconds. I tested it out today and I would’ve never been able to post what I was able to without the extra time. This is huge for art / film / music bytes, and I hope that the ability sticks around. Folks that create in those categories have gotten by with 6.5 and 8 seconds, but I can’t wait to see what they create with 16 seconds available.


16 seconds > 8 seconds…(literally)


There’s singers too! :innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relieved:


My guy @JordanMiller theatrical bytes give me life




Just an idea: Maybe extra seconds could be bought with stars




Still loving 16 secs


We should ration seconds like we each only get x amount of seconds a month lol. That would solve all the problems.

Maybe there should be a limited-time “Under Par” category or something… I know I, personally, have felt disheartened by all of the division and arguments that have stemmed from this very subject; and, from conversations with other creators as well as from what I’ve seen in these threads, the “meh” seems to be somewhat universal.

So how do we kick up that spark again? Instead of having creators “break something”, how’s about a challenge to create short Bytes within a certain-second span? I use the term “Under Par” as a golf joke, sure, but here’s the challenge: create a Byte (joke, music, etc.) in under four (FORE!) seconds. If people jump on board, this would help push the motivation to not only create but peruse the feed again to see what/if everyone else was able to come up with. And if people tag onto the category with longer-than-four-second Bytes? Well… they just suck at golf. (Of which I can relate.)

Just a thought.


I can see the golf jokes now

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