16:9 videos

I just remembered that v2 videos will be vertical not square. How will this affect the app layout. Musically has vertical videos and their videos take up the whole screen and the likes and comments appear directly on top of it. Is that the concept that will be implemented?

I dont have problems, is the same for me

I really like the idea of a full screen video. I made this layout but isn’t complete. The idea is that you have a circle thumbnail. When touched it opens.MyV22-1


Anyway… Dom said that he was thinking about going square again. Things can change, let’s wait and see.

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i believe possibly there should be an option to choose between the two.

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I hope that you can decide to have your video either be square or vertical too. I prefer the square just for the sake of how it appears on an app, but I’d rather be able to have the choice than just one or the other.

I feel like if you had all icons on screen but make them 50% transparent so you can see content but also move between tabs

I’d prefer ability to choose between the two

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