"15-second video clips..."

So, here’s a story.
3 apps walk into the App Store. And then…

How to sum up the situation?
“There are no rules” - UFC tagline in the early 1990s
“Nothing is lost. Nothing is created. Everything is transformed.” - Lavoisier, French chemist during the French Revolution

YouTube and other services?

Also, why does Facebook have Lasso and Reels? :thinking:

Lastly, here’s a quote from myself!:

That’s true. But, we usually remember the last one…
the 15-second video format is the perfect format to get a massive attention (more content > easiest way to consume it)
All the other video networks understood that and created clones of Vine.
What is going to be interesting is how YT will integrate the loop.

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Idk if you mean they are creating a new app but I’m pretty sure reels are just an extension on insta itself like IGTV is