12 Tips to grow on Byte

1- Post consistently, 1-3 times a day
2- Respond to your comments
3- Optimize your bio
4- Use engagement/DM groups with people in your niche
5- Post when most of your followers are active
6- Do rebyte 4 rebyte with accounts in the same niche as you
7- Leave a genuine comment on bigger pages immediately after they post
8- Be social and engage with people on a daily basis
9- Make sure your content is high quality (not blurry)
10- Don’t be afraid to test new things (but stay in your niche)
11- Collab with other byters to gain exposure and get discovered
12- Have fun and be patient, your time will come.

MUST AVOID: Follow and unfollow & begging for rebytes in the comments, it’s annoying and your account will be reported.



What if you don’t have a dslr tho

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MUST AVOID should have also included rebyte 4 rebyte. Engagement groups are basically rebyte 4 rebyte groups. They won’t really help you grow, in fact, you could end up losing followers due to all the rebytes.


I totally get your point of view on r4r but engagement groups aren’t necessarily just rebyte 4 rebyte, they do shoutout 4 shoutout as well to help other accounts get some exposure and discovered. That’s why I mentioned people should do rebyte 4 rebyte with accounts that are in the same niche as theirs

just my opinion but i would not focus on too heavily on the fidelity (past a point). your content has to really have a position that makes that aesthetic work. otherwise the “4k” feel actually makes it worse


Almost all of this advice is just ‘grow unnaturally’


I have to agree with ■■■■ there are a lot of niches that are based on that retro feel and gravitate towards low fidelity. The biggest thing is to work with what you have and make content you enjoy!


You really can’t beat an organic following :slight_smile:


Unpopular opinion, would rather have no following than people that don’t actually care for my posts. Sure an engagement group will like your stuff, but only because you’re doing it back :slight_smile:


Definitely! The time it takes to grow a community is worth it when you’re able to build a support system and have people who motivate you to create better content regularly.


artificial engagement groups are going to be not great for your personal recommendation feed, and won’t do much to help you reach people outside of that engagement group. true engagement groups (like artist or collaboration collectives) are a better choice


I agree it spams viewers/followers feed if the content that you’re rebyting isn’t good.