12 and under

This is edited, I was wrong the first time I posted this. I thought the Coppa law made it so kids under 13 couldn’t have social media. It actually makes it so kids can have it without parent knowledge.
But the point I made in the first post was that kids under 13 shouldn’t be on v2 because they can be really annoying and it could be embarrassing for them to look back on what they posted. Do you think we should enforce having to be 13+ on v2?


I think it should be +15 or +16, we have to generate mature non-child content, V2 I dont think it’s an app for kids


I think it should be only for people with a high maturity. Like me, I’m still in school and I’m pretty mature for my age. (I’m in the highest grade in middle school, so don’t think I’m lying.)


Patience friend, Everything arrives is a matter of waiting the years. By the way I dont know your age

I think it should be 13+ , although if some videos are deemed inappropriate then they could probably have an age rating to stop younger people from watching them


Good idea!

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There isn’t a law on how old you have to be for social media. It’s just that most social media platforms set it at 13+.

There is no law saying this.

The thing about making it 15+ or 16+ is that 13-14 year olds is a pretty big part of the people wanting to use the app, myself included. I don’t think that just because around 30% of people my age that are gonna use the app are immature doesn’t mean people like me that genuinely want to make content but cant do it on other platforms should pay the price.

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What I mean is that there is content that is not suitable to watch. Better let’s leave it +13

It should be 13+. The majority of social media users are millenials.

Coppa This is says there parents have to know about it, so Im wrong I guess :woman_shrugging:

The millenials are the people who have +16 or +17

Millenials are age 18 - 34.

Every social media site/app is dominated by Millenials, and partially Generation Z (9 - 16 years old).

It is supposed to be 13+ but there might be a version for younger children such as how Snapchat had SnapKids


Making v2 13+ would not only be pointless (kids lie about their age anyway) but it would hurt v2 much more than help it. Children 12 and under were the base audience for v*ne, and therefore the biggest means of profit, engagement, and spread of the app. Successfully cutting off this age-group would be suicide for v2 imo.

Not really a fan of a “kid” version of an app. Never taken seriously
Also not a fan of making the app only available to “mature” people.
Age doesn’t define maturity. Many older people act like kids and many kids have a mature mentality.

I think encouraging 13+ age is fine, but most of the times, people can just put in a fake age and get away with it cause it could be hard to tell


Personally I do like the 13+ age for social media

This! :+1:

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it’s pointless, cause kids lie about their age to get onto things they shouldn’t be on.

However I’m 13 and I’m mature enough. I think we should not let kids under 12/13.

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