1000 Subs on YouTube!

Finally 1000 subs! after one year of posting and posting! it really feels great and I’m so happy rn because I feel like I’m closer to my goal, this was really hard for me cuz I make short comedy videos and short videos usually don’t do well on YouTube :grin: thanks for the support! wish ya all the best :raised_hands:t2:


You were honestly one of few people who consistently made video (even before the app launched), and shared it with the forum. Congrats on 1000 subscribers!


thanks I’m really trying to do my best and this would’ve not been possible without your guys’s support, thanks!:grin::raised_hands:t2:

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Congratulations on the milestone sir :love_you_gesture:t4::zap:

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Thanks for the support! it really means a lot :raised_hands:t2:

Nice Job!

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Thanks appreciate the support!