100 stars also I’m back

Hey B-Listers

It’s your favorite tiktokoker or byter or whatever, reached 100 stars without begging for rebytes or followers or stealing jokes.

I know I set the bar high by simply being original and funny, so you don’t need to compare your self to someone so advanced.

Just came here to say I’m the best there ever will be and if anyone has a problem with that, they can dm me

Taking a break from this app made me realize how yall act.


congrats buddy @Ezekiel
keep the grind!

changed from #general-discussion to #hype :star2:


Great job, guy :tada:! That’s hella stars :hushed:. I haven’t even seen that many in the sky before, bruh!

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Congratulations bud

congrats :muscle:t5:

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Congrats!..keeping in mind only 1/5 were given to you for showing up, that is impressive!

In all honesty I do like your content, really good job, glad on your success

Let’s get it fam :muscle:

Thanks bae

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