100 days of byte

Chances are if you downloaded Byte when you first heard the news like I did you are approaching Day 100 if you haven’t reached it already. I know some of you have been on here a lot longer, but a lot of us started just over 3 months ago.

How have you grown by using Byte? I know for me personally I started off feeling like it was a chore, really trying to stretch my mind for creativity to make a byte a day. However, as I did it for 100 days ideas started to come to me almost naturally. That’s not to say that I don’t get a creative block from time to time, but I think it’s cool to see how your mind can develop creatively

Since starting out I’ve now played Smash Bros with some of you, became facebook friends with some of you, and collaborated with some of you. It’s amazing how close knit and supportive this community is and I’ve been wanting to meet each of you a little bit more.

How about you? How have your first 100 days gone if you reached that point? What are some challenges or cool experiences you’ve had using the app?


3 month gang :sparkles::fire: love the opportunity. I’ve learned a lot, still making lit connect which its getting better as time goes, and definitely connected some cool creators (feels like internet family) :rocket::top:

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I’m almost a solid month in. Let’s go.

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Congrats man glad to have you here!

I’ve never seen such a great community like byte! My first 100 days was great even if I took a break. The content and creators are the best!


I’m not in the 100 day club. I’ve been here for less than a month. But the community here is like no other. Everyone is soooo supportive of one another. Feels almost like paradise :desert_island:

I’m usually on the app around 1 or 2am and it’s so nice to kick back and watch everyone’s shorts.

I agree. It’s personally cool to see how the small and large creators all gather and talk in a common place. It doesn’t really matter how new you are, you’ll get to know the community pretty quickly!

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Ha congrats and welcome to Byte! Keep making that content!

I agree. I was surprised just how quickly I got integrated into everything. People on Byte is where it’s at.

I know you’ll get there. It truly is currently one of the easiest places to start creating content and getting to know one another. Glad to have you here!

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3 months gang gang. I’ve noticed myself grow as a creator throughout my time here. I always look back on my old Bytes and see how my direction has changed through my creative process. Definitely honing my skill and my niche. I’ve collaborated with many Bytonians and have a good amount of you on IG and as friends on my Nintendo Switch.
I beleive PepeLeFuqyou is beginning to become a well known name around these parts.
BTW @Jobag if you want these Pikachu hands let me know, i might shock yah ;D

I 100% agree. I looked at some of my earlier bytes that I thought were funny, and looking back on them I was like “oh…I could have done that better.” it’s great to see how much you can grow by doing creativity on a regular basis.

And yah if you want to go a couple rounds in smash I’m down. My Instagram is Joel_Bradley_CM you can message your friend code there. Though Pikachu is my main too, so it could be an interesting time

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Byte is an interesting place. I’ve met some like minded individuals, and got to witness for better or worse what a fame gold rush looks like.

In general, I like Byte. It’s a place to share my video editing experiments and music and media collections. I look forward to seeing the app mature.

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haha I had a Byte reach almost 2000 likes. I was not ready for my phone to explode like it did.

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