10 Facts About You

I was shocked when I saw how low the activity on here was, and that there haven’t been any new threads or any discussion bubbling up, so if anyone is still here, tell me ten facts about yourself. If I know anything, it’s that people love talking about themselves.

Here are mine if it interests you:

  1. I like both cats and dogs, but I am a cat person.

  2. I own over 20 graphic tees that are either sci-fi or science and math related.

  3. Vanilla coke is the bomb and no one can change my mind.

  4. I have cosplayed as so many anime characters. So many.

  5. The best weather is 18C (65F), light wind and rain with occasional thunder and lightning.

  6. My favourite word is ‘hiraeth’ because it’s a welsh synonym for my favourite word in my native language. It’s more poetic in its original dialect.

  7. The most comforting place in the world for me is in a small library with that old woody/dusty smell.

  8. I have had 8 cups of green tea today.

  9. I ate so much spaghetti today. So much.

  10. Yesterday, I completed a 1,000 piece puzzle in record time.


Hi I’m Tanzania

  1. I’m an animal lover
  2. I love art ( to draw or doodle)
  3. I love to take pictures of everything life is beautiful
  4. On that note I never delete photos I’m a hoarder with photos lol
  5. I have never been to a concert lol gasp* but true
  6. I love knee high socks lol
  7. I can’t stand to see people upset if someone’s sad I try my hardest to make them happy
  8. I have a lot of internet friends and they are all the best
  9. I watch movies all the time
  10. I still listen to all of the 2000 hit songs

Heyy I’m Apoorva.

  1. I’m a dog lover. I find cats cute as well but i prefer dogs.
  2. In a few months time I’ll be getting into a college for fashion designing. (Currently giving my 12th grade final exams).
  3. I’m a typical fangirl. I stan 1D, BTS, EXO and KARD.
  4. ^ on that note i waste my time looking at their videos and searching their height, age etc. (As if I’m ever going to date them lol)
  5. I’m the only person in my friend circle who has never dated (not even first kiss ffs). All of my friends are dating rn and I’m basically here to give them advices.:tipping_hand_woman:
  6. I’m kind of shy at first but a completely different person once i open up.
  7. I love going out and having fun.
  8. I love reading books but haven’t read one in a long time.
  9. I love it when people compliment me. (Yup, accepting it straight away)
  10. I love wearing heels but feel conscious because I’m already tall and then people start saying stuff like “you’re already so tall you don’t need heels”.
  11. I don’t like being tall lol.
  12. This post just made me realise that I’m kind of a narcissist coz i like talking about myself
  13. Being an Indian, western clothes suit me better than traditional ones ( which is sad coz i like wearing suits and kurtis now and then) except for sari coz sari can look good on anyone duh.
  14. I also like knowing what people of other countries think of India.
  15. Being a daughter of an army officer i have travelled most of India.:tipping_hand_woman:
  16. You asked for 10 facts but i wrote 16 :slight_smile:

I don’t mind at all. 16 is great. And there’s no reason for you to feel self conscious if you love wearing heels. Don’t listen to people. People are gross.

I’m tall too and I love wearing heels because when people say something rude I can just tower over them and give them a mean look.

I think you’re really cool! Good luck at college and your final exams!


I love your name! You’re named after the country?

I too am a picture hoarder and a lover of knee-high socks.

2000s music is and will always be amazing. Rock on and have a nice day :blush:


Thank you so much. This means a lot. :heart::heart:
Also, tall girls ftw!!


Hey I’m Lindsay,
1: Vine was one of the first social apps I really got into, besides Facebook
2: I am an otaku
3: dog person
4: I can knit but haven’t really made anything in years
5: I wanna start a daycare with my sister/best friend
6: I spend a lot of time watching AMVs, anime related or not
7: I have more ficitional ships then personal relationships
8: trying to learn Japanese
9: music is my happy place
10: my childhood dog passed away last month


I love vine.
I love vine.
I love vine.
I love vine.
I love vine.
I love vine.
I love vine.
I love vine.
I love vine.
I love vine.


Really sorry for your loss. :pensive::heart:


Hi there I‘m Christy :raising_hand_woman:t6:‍♀️

  1. I hate my name (which is Christiane) because nobody is capable to pronounce it right and I mean it’s not a hard name…right? Also, I originally would have been named after my grandma Cristina​:pensive: and I like that name much better :eyes:

  2. I have dyscalculia, which basically means i have difficulty in understanding numbers. When I took the test I was a bit too old (you normally take it when you’re like 7, I was 15), so you can’t say I have that a 100%. they classified me into having a ‚weakness in arithmetic‘. But it basicslly means the same thing as dyscalculia so idk what they were playing at :woman_shrugging:t6:

  3. I‘m originally from 4 different countries (Mozambique, Democratic Republic Of Congo, São Tome And Principe and Angola). My parents are both half/half. Quite a mixture :eyes:

  4. I love olives and cucumbers, could eat them whole entire daaaaaaay!!!

  5. I love to sing and make people smile, which is why I run a YouTube channel. My channel is a bit of a mess, but I either way I love it and hopefully I will be able to achieve something with it soon.

  6. I was born in South Africa :south_africa:

  7. I have been living in Switzerland :switzerland: ever since I was like 1 year old

  8. Never dated, never had a boyfriend but I have never really been focused on that. Sure had a couple of crushes here and there :slight_smile:️ I am bit annoyed though, since people are starting to slightly pressure me into dating because I‘m 20 and ‚old‘ SMH :unamused:!!

  9. My goal is too get into the music and entertainment industry and to leave my commercial job behind because I‘m simply not made for s 9 to 5 job :pensive: . I strongly believe in my dreams and you should too :heart:

  10. I am veeeeeeery shy and super awkward at the beginning (this is probably why I still haven’t made any friends on the forum :disappointed:). But as soon as I get comfortable around people, y‘all best believe my cray cray, hilariously weird but also heartwarming side will come out of meee :hugs:

… OKAY SORRY, i wrote a bit toooooo much :sweat_smile:

  1. I’m black and I like it
  2. I love metal
  3. I was born upside down
  4. I’m obsessed with Mexican food (I can eat day it everyday/allday and never get sick of it)
  5. I don’t like cats (I’m allergic and they are all the devil)
  6. I broke my ankle skateboarding and had a special doctor fly half-way across the world to fix it
  7. Oh, I use to be a pro skateboarder at age 14
  8. Started editing at age 12
  9. My uncle is Mr. T and my second cousin was Bernie Mac.

yas to number 1!!


I have no clue how to do the summary thing but :sweat:

  1. I am absolutely enamored with rock and it’s various subgenres. 70s rock, 80s rock, Alternate Rock, Death Metal, Post-Grunge, Psychedelic Rock, I can go on & on
  2. I was an extra in the latest Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and HBO’s Ballers lmaoo
  3. I was a competitive figure skater in my earlier years
  4. I started learning HTML and CSS in 7th grade because of Myspace lmfao
  5. I’ve never met a dog that didn’t like me (best quality)
  6. I live where you vacation (lmfaooo that’s a miami joke because every miamian at one point has had that line as their bio :joy: but yes, I was born & raised in Miami)
  7. I play the guitar, piano and flute lmfao and the ukulele, thinking about picking up the violin next
  8. I’m completely in love with the ocean. If you’ve never been scuba diving, you need to get on that because it is truly something magical.
  9. I love creating whether it be art or music
  10. I have an insane sweet tooth. It was worse when I was younger though so improvement lmfao

Whats up? I am Thomas

1.I have practice a lot of different martial arts
2. I wanna be an actor since i have memory
3. I am an addict of Coffe
4. I love the Trap music
5. I love the English language (more than Spanish)
6.I am a big fan of movies and series (i watch a lot of different movies, from new movies to movies without sound, filmed in 1910)
7. My dream is that i can be a professional actor, making a lot of different movies and series.
8. One of my big dream is go to live to America, i love their country and the way of thinking of most of them. Is very different to Latino-America
9.My favorite sport are MMA
10. My goal this year is to appear in a movie, series or publicity


Thank you and you have a nice day too


heck yeah! no prblemo c:


i relate to 10 so much it isn’t even funny


you sound really cool! i’m really sorry about your pet. my cat i’ve had for a decade recently passed away as well. i feel your pain.


you’re part of so many cultures! i think that’s really cool. if both your parents are half and half, your grandparents are all from different places too. my family is not that diverse as i have mostly eastern european family, but i do have some english and some korean and japanese.
you’re doin’ alright, darling, shyness is just fine. thank you for your post!


your entire list was pretty wild. i like your style.

(metal rocks :metal:t2: )