1 Million Users

not long i think

There are around the 6k forum users.

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3 or 4 weeks. I hope they promote it. Maybe with some artists or YouTubers.

6k users the first day of release? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the forums aren’t even close to the exact numbers V2 will have, but I think they show who’s most invested. If there’s only 6k here at this point, I’d say it’ll probably take at least a month.

I just have a lot of faith :hugs: and if it doesn’t it’s still going to get there regardless :yum:

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indeed. Its going to be awesome! :smiley:

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Probably won’t be more than 2 months. It already has the backing of a lot of popular creators.

That’s true, but I’ve seen people that aren’t interested in the forums because they just want the app they don’t care about the forums which is kind of sad.

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Most don’t care. I do, I love meeting new people. It’s always fun.:heart:

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I think most people are just checking out the topics without creating an account. If you look at the new v2 twitter account, it has already 7k followers and it has been promoted for how long, an hour or so? Most people just wait for the release I guess.

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Yeah I get that. I just also haven’t seen that many people in my personal life who’ve heard about it. Like I see a bunch of stuff online, but that’s because I follow the kind of people that would be interested.

New people. New friends. New smiles :yum:

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Its cool not having too many people here on the forums. Makes it more of a nice tight community


I think a lot of those people probably came from the forums or Dom’s personal twitter tho

I say a month cuz look at musical.ly that thing took some time. But yet again we ARE talking about vine soooo idk tbh.

I came from the tweets. But was waiting since beta forum.

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Yeah idk. I may be completely wrong lol and who know it may reach it in a week because of successful vine was originally. I just think it might take longer.

I also think some people have reservations because of the original vine shut down, even though V2 is separate from Vine.

I think if the old viners that are now big YouTube decide to come back… it will reach 1Mil pretty fast with all there fans wanting to follow them everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

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