#1,247 on trending after scrolling for 1 hr 47 min so I guess I'm famous

I’m sure you guys saw me on trending, all you have to do is scroll for a little bit. So now that I’m famous and have almost triple digit followers I’m going to quit university and go full time. Sorry you guys don’t know what it’s like to be this popular or funny, but keep aiming.

But to be real for a second (no I didn’t actually go digging through trending until I found myself), I love Byte. This is a great app with a great (most of the time) community. Over the last two weeks I’ve had a total blast.

Actually I want to use this post for a minute as a way of saying: don’t care about your growth, just have fun, be funny/creative, support people. Don’t use Byte as a way to get famous, that’s just abusing and ruining something we all wanted for a long time.

So, that being said, drop your username and the kind of content you make below. Check out other people who did the same. If you see something you like, like it. If you want to follow someone, follow them. And if not then who cares. NO THIS IS NOT FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW, I genuinely want to meet new Byters, and help the community connect a little bit.

That’s it, thanks for reading my crappy post. Have fun guys, “famous” guy out :v:


oh crap I made this as a joke but now it actually is in the new and trending section lmao


This right here… speaks. You doing great YoPo my bro


Lol I love this post. Funny and meaningful at the same time xD What’s your @? Mine is @jellyjhar if anyone wants to check me out. I’m often in the experimental category. I make jokes that throw people off and some relatable original content. :slight_smile:

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Glad you liked it, mines @YoPo, funny enough I was already following you

Lol no way :joy: I just realized that.